7:11 PM

7:11 PM

7:11 PM (2023)
Full HD - Multi-Subtitles

Directors: Chaitu Madala
Actors: Saahas Pagadala, Tess Walsh, Deepika, Bharath Reddy, Raghu Kumar Karumanchi, Clay Antonio, Louie Athanasiou, Hemant k Bhatnagar, Marina Bi, Suresh Chinamuthevi, Mathew Da Via, Sienna Lillie Ham, Kamal Krishna, Charan Kurugonda, Manasa, Nagaraju, Chaithu Padigala, Rajesh Pilla
Genres: Movies, Martial Arts, Thriller,
Country: India,
Time: 2 hours 22 minutes
Release Year: 2023
Chaitu Madala, Hemant k Bhatnagar

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Movie Synopsis

In the midst of a silent evening, the town of Hamsala Deevi and the planet Proxima-EV12 underwent a transformation with a strange event occurring at 7:11 PM. This was not just an ordinary incident; it marked a historical milestone inscribed in the pages of space and time. 7:11 PM, a number filled with mystery, became both the challenge and the powerful weapon in the boundless adventure of the film 7:11 PM.

Our footsteps lead us into a breathtaking jouey with the protagonist Ravi, who travels through the cracks of time and space beyond imagination. In the event of 7:11 PM, Ravi is not merely a character but an embodiment of power and determination. He bravely confronts challenges that seem insurmountable, reaching out to prevent the mastermind criminal, rescue loved ones, and protect his beloved majestic town.

In the serene canvas of 7:11 PM, we witness not only the confrontation between detective and criminal but also grasp the irresistible allure of time. Crucial moments are marked by the figure 7:11, the starting point for every adventure, every crucial decision, and every cherished memory. Time ceases to be a continuous flow; it becomes a complex clock where every second matters.

Delving into the event of 7:11 PM, we not only see the struggle between evasion and pursuit but also gain a deeper understanding of the significance of protecting what we hold dear. The connection between time and emotion, between the past and the future, is illuminated in the hidden moments behind the figure 7:11 PM.

Furthermore, it's impossible not to emphasize the richness of dramatic elements, suspense, and surprises in this film. Every moment awakens the curiosity of the audience, making them unable to look away from the screen, anticipating what the next event will be, at what point in the past or future.

Simultaneously, the outstanding cast along with the talented director has created a work of art that is both artistic and refined, carving deep into the hearts of the audience. They have transformed characters and stories that seemed only products of imagination into vivid, emotional images.

Above all, 7:11 PM is not just an entertainment film; it is also a profound experience of time, space, and love. The magic of the number 7:11 PM has crafted an unforgettable story, a space-time jouey that viewers will remember forever. Let yourself be drawn into the unique and unparalleled world of 7:11 PM, where time becomes a legend, and destiny is a memorable tale, beginning at 7:11 PM.

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