A Man of Reason

Full HDMovie A Man of Reason - Kẻ Giám Hộ (2023)

A Man of Reason

Kẻ Giám Hộ (2023)
Full HD - Multi-Subtitles

Directors: Jung Woo-sung
Actors: Jung Woo-sung, Kim Nam-gil, Lee Elijah, Jun-han Kim, Park Sung-woong, Park Yoo-na
Genres: Movies, Drama, Thriller,
Country: Korea,
Time: 1 hours 43 minutes
Release Year: 2023

10 / 1 Point
Movie Synopsis

In the dark shadows of the underworld, where conspiracies and power games unfold, we meet Su-hyuk - a man who paid the price of his freedom for 10 years, standing in for his master. Su-hyuk desires nothing more than a peaceful life, one he hopes to share with his former love, Min-seo, and their little daughter, In-bi. However, as you step into this world of darkness and danger, the ordinary seems distant and unattainable.

For a decade, Su-hyuk's master has maintained an outward facade, appearing legitimate, behind the veil of illegality. Today, in the city's shadows, the criminals of the old gang rise again, spreading chaos and death under the guise of urban development. They not only want Su-hyuk to participate in this dangerous game, they force him to, leaving him no choice but to comply.

Beneath what appears to be a seemingly ordinary tale lies a world filled with thrilling elements and tension, teeming with underground fights and intricate schemes. "The Guardian" is not just a painting of the battle between the legitimate world and criminals; it is also a jouey in search of revenge and justice, where survival depends not only on physical strength but also on mental resilience and the courage to overcome every challenge.

Under the skillful hands of an outstanding director and scriptwriter, the masterpiece "The Guardian" is not just a suspenseful and dramatic story but also encapsulates the essence of bravery and determination. The frames harmoniously blend with unique music, and the superb performances of talented actors create an unforgettable cinematic masterpiece.

Don't let yourself get lost in this darkness. Embark on this intense jouey with Su-hyuk and unravel the hidden secrets deep within the heart of the city. "The Guardian" is not just a movie; it is an experience filled with intensity and meaning, where faith in justice and filial piety never dies. Immerse yourself in this underworld, and you will never forget.

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