Bán Thân (2022)
Full HD - Multi-Subtitles

Directors: Carlo Obispo
Actors: Quinn Carrillo, Rob Guinto, Kit Thompson, Emilio Garcia, Ralmon Mendoza, Massimo Scofield, Mark Dionisio, Neil Suarez, Aaron Concepcion, Bryan Altes, Paolo Rivero, Elmo Elarmo Jr., Richard Solano, Calvin Almojera, Itan Magnaye, Tabs Sumulong, Cecile Yumul, VJ Vera
Genres: Movies, Adult, Drama, Thriller,
Country: Other,
Time: 1 hours 52 minutes
Release Year: 2022

10 / 1 Point
Movie Synopsis

Liezel, an aspiring agent, leas that her colleague, Susan, uses her body to sell apartment buildings; so she imitates her plan. As the situation changed, Liezel began to face her punishments one by one.

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