Twin of Brothers

Twin of Brothers

Song Long Đại Đường (2004)
Complected - Thuyết minh

Directors: Trang Vỹ Kiện
Actors: Lâm Phong, Ngô Trác Hy, Dương Di, Lý Thanh, Đường Ninh, Hồ Định Hân
Genres: TV-Series, TV, Action,
Country: Hong Kong,
Time: 42 Tập
Release Year: 2004

8 / 10 Point
Movie Synopsis

"Twin of Brothers" is set in a period of dynastic change in Chinese history. Wacky wannabe swordsmen Chong and Ling accidentally acquire the mysterious "Longevity Martial Arts", which is rumoured to be the key to a huge treasure. The target of numerous people who covet the treasure, the two friends adventure through China despite the danger. In their jouey, Ling meets two girls from two opposing sects, while Chong falls for the sister of the future emperor of China. With their extraordinary experiences, will the two become heroes amidst the historical turbulence?

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