Forensic Heroes V

Forensic Heroes V

Bằng Chứng Thép 5 (2022)
Completed - Multi-Subtitles

Directors: Hung Chiu-fung
Actors: Bosco Wong, Sisley Choi, Jacky Cai, Venus Wong, Benjamin Yuen, Matthew Ko, Tony Hung
Genres: TV-Series, Crime, Mystery,
Country: Hong Kong,
Time: 43 minutes
Release Year: 2022

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Movie Synopsis

The human mind is a profound science. People sin and do evil because they are goveed by emotions such as greed, anger, weakness, and jealousy. To avoid criminal responsibility, people will use lies to cover up the truth and use tricks to obscure vision, making forensic work even more difficult. Unsolved cases, missing evidence, lost situations are all difficulties that the forensic team has to face. Although they will encounter dangers in the process, they will stick to their original aspirations, start over again after falling, and will not give up on the pursuit of truth. The case and the layout of "Steel Evidence V" are even more surprising, just rely on "Forensic Team", "Forensic Team" and "Crime Team", the iron triangle of crime fighting, they work together, find the real culprit, justice for the survivors, and justice for the dead.


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