Forensic JD

Forensic JD

Nữ Pháp Y JD (2022)
Completed - Multi-Subtitles

Actors: Charlene Choi, Joseph Chang, Gillian Chung, Kenny Kwan, Carlos Chan, Henry Prince Mak
Genres: TV-Series, Crime, Mystery,
Country: Hong Kong,
Release Year: 2022

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Movie Synopsis

The film tells about the plight of female forensic scientist "JD Tong An Nghien" at the "Institute for Decoding the Cause of Death" as a clue to help the police solve strange cases. JD wants to find out the truth in his father';;s case in the past, and together with the mysterious girl Lam Tieu My, the passionate detective Luu Chi Minh opens a series of shocking thrilling stories. The female lead "JD Tong An Nghien" suffers from HSP (high sensitivity syndrome) so she has an extremely sensitive brain that can automatically receive all information in any situation, although extremely uncomfortable but also many times have to rely on the unusual amount of information stored by the "super brain" to find clues, decipher but the puzzle has not been solved.


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